In Wakami we believe that individual dreams are strong and that collective dreams are unstoppable!!!

We learned this, through a journey that started in remote villages of Guatemala . . . villages where war and then poverty, made it very hard for people to make a living, much less to make their dreams a reality.

The beginning – Maria Pacheco, our founder

Maria is a biologist, who was very interested in working in these remote villages, mostly, in recovering ecosystems, planting trees, recovering water sources . . . but the people there said: “Maria, what we really need are sources of income. If you can sell what we produce, the rest we can do.”

This request transformed everything. Maria started to look for partnerships to link these rural communities to markets. She developed two very successful value chains, generating income for over 800 families. Early on, Maria realized that the people were right – access to market had transformed the lives of many families. The question became, how do we do this in a sustainable way and in a way that it can become an opportunity for many more villages.

Wakami is born

Maria realized that the best way to grow was to start a business that would link communities to markets. The dream was to grow a brand that would reach global markets and would generate opportunities for people in rural villages. Wakami as a business started 13 years ago. Wakami now is a system that not only generates income but also generates access to products and services that improve the quality of life – access to water filters, smokeless stoves, solar energy, access to children´s nutrition programs and to scholarships.

Wakami now has a team of 37 people and is working with 500 women in 20 different villages. The Wakami children have now more than double the Guatemalan school attendance, and 60% of children are improving their nutritional status. More than 44% of the homes have also improved.

The Wakami brand

Wakami focuses on hand made fashion accessories, like bracelets and necklaces. It exports to 20 countries in 4 different continents around the world. WAKAMI creates beautiful products that follow the global fashion trends and use the ancestral techniques of our people!

Three words describe the philosophy of our brand: PURPOSE, PROSPERITY AND HOPE for everyone!