Susan's Bio

Susan Testaccio is co-founder of Susan and Company; a jewelry and accessory showroom in mid-town Manhattan.

Susan has been in the fashion industry for over twenty-five years. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology—where she studied Fashion Merchandising, and quickly established herself in New York City. Immersed in the vibrant early 80's Manhattan fashion scene, Susan developed a strong eye for creativity and a love for fashion. Susan also formed friendships with many fashion industry insiders during this time, many of whom she remains close to even today.

Susan's professional career began in 1982 as Production Manager for Richard Serbin Jewelry in New York City. In 1988 she became the Production Manager for Headmaster, a fashion forward hair accessory and jewelry manufacturer. Two years later, in 1990, Susan joined Yvette Fry, an accessory showroom in Manhattan. Initially hired as a salesperson, Susan was swiftly promoted to Sales Manager. This role required Susan to work hands-on with designers and buyers and closely guide the sales and marketing efforts of the showroom. Susan thrived in this new role, she tirelessly pursued buyers and promoted her designer's products through constant promotions, samples, incentives and follow-ups deploying an aggressive marketing strategy. As a result of her efforts, the showroom became a leading destination for accessory buyers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Great Britain.

In 2001, Susan took over day-to-day operations. The showroom flourished under her management and sales increased year over year. In 2006 Susan left the company, but could not leave the industry she loved. A few months later, she opened her own showroom, Susan and Company.

Susan and Company aims to build on Susan's clear ability to nurture emerging talent and develop strong brands. Friendly and focused, Susan gives special attention to each designer and buyer. Combining a unique approach and extensive fashion industry experience, Susan and Company is quickly being recognized as a leader among jewelry and accessory design showrooms.