AV Max

The designer and style-maker behind a.v. max is Amy Vennema, who began working in the fashion industry as a buyer years before designing jewelry. Spotting trends, taking chances, and understanding her customer are all invaluable skills she learned while buying for large chain stores. These skills have served to keep her in tune with her buyers who trust a.v. max to offer the merchandise their customer wants.

For her designs, Amy takes her cues from the runway, museum exhibits, movies, the streets, and fashion magazines. She is also influenced by her background as a painter, and by the beautiful materials she finds to work with. I was always very much into fashion, Amy says, recalling her childhood in Greenwich Village where she and her sisters would scour the stores of the East Village to find and make their own new look. I love that fashion is ever changing and evolving.

Right now in fashion you're not dressed without accessories, Amy says. Whether you're a trendy young woman or a mature sophisticated woman, whatever your body type, jewelry can really pick you up and make you feel pretty and chic. My jewelry transcends age because beauty has no age.